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  • I believe that our children have a right to a high quality education and free tuition, for those who qualify, in our public schools.
  • An economy tied to war profiteering will not adequately address the people's priorities. We must support small businesses in Maine which bring the promise of a better and more peaceful tomorrow.
  • I believe in taking care of Mother Earth, caring for our environment and being a responsible steward of this planet. 
  • We need more accountability in our government officials, when they are using what we earn and make the laws we are required to follow.
  • We must not use the people's monies in ways that imperil our economy and corrupt the monetary system.
  • People's health--mental, emotional and physical, is fundamental for our nation to thrive.  
Elect Laurie DOBSON for State Rep, District 9, Maine - June 14

What matters to me is:

1. caring for people,

2. telling the truth, and 

3. courage in action

Laurie 2016

VOTE Tuesday, June 14