About me:  My family is from Kennebunkport, going back over ten generations.  Since 2005, when I returned to Maine, with my late husband and youngest daughter, I have been active in town planning, local community efforts and political involvements. 

I am a landscape designer and land planner, and have worked on many residential, commercial and government projects, including restoration work for public school and town properties. I have taught sports, art, nutrition and agriculture. I was active in my three childrens' schools, including as President for their Nursery School. I was a 15 year member of the PTA, and helped to develop 5th grade curriculum and secured funding for Kindergarten assistants.  I have been an active church member and choir member for over twenty years.

When I represented some neighbors concerns about over-development, we started a community organization, to help those struggling with taxes and unfair policies by the State. I was asked to run for State Rep. in 2002 and spoke out against the war and economic injustice. 

I have been a newspaper columnist and editor and covered national campaigns and conventions. I have written and lectured about timeless design solutions for everyday people. Volunteering for many causes, on behalf of neighborhood communities, earned me several nominations and awards for my involvement, as well as commendations by the media,  city officials and the business community.

People  may also know me for my continued resistance to the wars and invasions. I support the Occupy movement's effort to address income inequality. I fought for preserving our water rights and was active in the fight against Nestle's attempts in our towns. I advocated on behalf of public participation in the town plan. In 2008, I ran as an Independent, in Maine, for the US Senate. 

While running, I called for a town wide referendum that would make George Bush accountable for impeachable actions.

During that 2008 race, our campaign helped raise much media awareness about the economy, advocating for measures which are now being seriously debated in the Presidential campaigns, such as the return of the Glass-Steagall Act and economic control measures.

I believe that we have postponed too many vital discussions and debates on matter of life and death to our people in the State. While we have promoted endless military involvement, we have abandoned our responsibilities at home. People are in advanced states of deprivation and suffering to the point that we have epidemics of substance abuse and widespread poverty. THIS MUST CHANGE. 

If you vote for me you will get someone who will bring principled actions to the forefront of the legislature. We need leaders unafraid to stand up to those who control the system so that it caters to them and their buddies. This corruption happens on many levels in government, and in our State. We must not be afraid to buck the system when it no longer serves our best interests. I will listen to what matters to you and do something about what you tell me. This campaign is about addressing our common good. 

We can make effective progress on everything from climate change and social justice to business opportunity with health care, decent jobs and a vital economy. We are all in this together and I will be one with you in the effort to fight the good fight. 

Please come out and vote for me, Laurie Dobson. Thank you!!

VOTE Tuesday, June 14

Elect Laurie DOBSON for State Rep, District 9, Maine - June 14

Laurie 2016


 LETTER FROM LAURIE                                                                                LAURIE'S FLOOR SPEECH VIDEO

  LAURIE IN "TAPPED" FILM                                                                 DOBSON: 'I WILL STAND FOR JUSTICE'

Meet Laurie Dobson

Hello to all of you who live in Kennebunkport and SE parts of Biddeford and Kennebunk.

On June 14th, you have the opportunity to bring legislative change right here in your local towns!

My name is Laurie Dobson. I live in Kennebunkport, and I'm running for State Rep. in District 9.

I am writing this to introduce myself and to ask for your vote. 

On Flag Day, June 14th, there is a Democratic Primary where you can vote if you are a registered Democratic resident.